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See This Hilarious Throwback Photo of Kiss Daniel

He shard this epic photo on his IG page recently… He captioned the photo :

Let’s throwback 🤔.. I never told you guys I was in a boy band back in 2004/05. We were called the “EMOTALS. The band was made up of me and my two good friends,Emmanuel Macaulay @iamkunmidew (middle) and Samuel Odunukan* @kknightmarley1 (Shortest 😂 the one on the right) . I was the brain, Emanuel was the voice and Samuel was the face 😂😂. Our very first major song was titled “POMPOUS” produced by @tobastic 😂in 2005. It became a mega hit in ogun state in 2006 and then we just couldn’t beat that so everyone went separate ways. I was kinda stubborn though 😂🚦 I went back to the studio to keep trying and suddenly DURO came out in 2007 followed by KISS ME, both songs re-produced by @akeemlomoyen and directed by @jahblessmusic  in 2010 😪 DURO and KISS ME  are the reason gworldwide  signed me 🙏 I just wanna say thank you to this guys for agreeing to be in a band with me even though it didn’t workout but it was worth it.  We went through hell together 😂 performed in flip flops on a big stage in ikeja together in 2005 after paying 1k which was a big deal to us then 😂😂 Our first ever paid show was in 2006 @F.C.E osiele , 10k 😂😂 and It was my dad that hooked us up. Smh** mehn im bushed. I’m thankful to God. I love you guys. Major throwback!! 🤔 AMA drop “POMPOUS” on here 😂😂 are you ok with that boy band?! 😂😂 

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